The Official Nex Flow™

Heat Load Calculator for Cabinet Enclosure Coolers (Panel Coolers)

Complete the information below on your electrical or electronic control panel and it will calculate the BTU/hr. (or wattage) requirements for vortex tube operated Frigid-X™ Panel Coolers (Cabinet Enclosure Coolers.)

NOTE: This calculator does NOT apply for choosing traditional air conditioning systems because traditional air conditioning system performance is reliant on ambient temperatures for performance and elevated ambient values may increase the rating required on such units. Read about for advantages of vortex coolers.

Advantages of vortex tube operated Panel Coolers (Cabinet Enclosure Coolers)

While vortex coolers like the Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Panel Cooler utilize compressed air for operation concerns rise on the cost of energy required to operate such systems. These are valid arguments and need to be considered. These concerns however are offset when match against several other cost factors: life of the unit, maintenance costs, and safety and reliability issues. Typically, the higher the values placed on safety and reliability and the more humid and harsh the factory environment, the greater the advantage of vortex coolers over other control panel air conditioning systems.


  • Low in cost compared to any traditional air conditioner
  • Compact for minimal footprint on the top or side of a control panel
  • No CFC’s HFC’s or HC’s – no chemical refrigerants
  • Stabilizes enclosure temperature and humidity and stops heat damage and nuisance tripping
  • Virtually maintenance free (No Moving Parts) nothing to wear out with long life
  • Fast installation: Mounts in a standard electrical knockout, install and hookup an airline through a filter
  • Eliminates fans and filters which can take up valuable maintenance time and can cause dirt to build up inside control panels over time
  • Prevents dirt contamination and keeps out high humidity by keeping enclosure at a slightly positive pressure
  • Units can be used in most environments including high temperature areas

The more harsh, hot and dirty the environment the more advantageous the Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Panel Coolers.

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